ROHHEET BAXI learned dance from a very young age from various Bollywood choreographers and Teachers in NY. With an experience of Free Style, Hip Hop, Jazz, Kathak and Bollywood – rohheet never wanted to be a dance teacher. He comes from a middle class family where he education and career was the most important aspect of growing up. Apart from being the Director of the Firm, he is also a professional Project Manager/Program Manager for a Fortune 10 Company and believes that Passion and Career are two choices that one should

Rohheet’s passion for dance is special because at the age of 2 he was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma a type of bone cancer. With Radiations and chemotherapy he spent most of his childhood in recovery process. At the age of 10 his cancer resurfaced and at that time he was brought to Hospital For Special Surgery in NY where he had to undergo amputation of his left leg. It’s usually said that when God takes one thing he gives another gift in return. Rohheet wanted to pursue dance because it made him feel complete. After all what other activity he could do that could use 2 legs to the maximum. For him it was his way of proving to himself that he was “complete”. Growing up through teen years he went through dance schools and learned different dance forms. He dances from his heart and believes that if you are true to the stage the audience will definitely appreciate and notice your dance moves no matter where you are on the stage. He is proud of the fact that today so many kids learn the dance forms and they have the “Satrangi Style” in them.

Rohheet Bhai as he is fondly called by this dancers believes that every kid is special. Growing up he was thrown out of dance shows due to his leg, he believes that each kid has a X FACTOR and every kid should get an opportunity to go on stage. Experiencing limelight is one of the most special feelings and he wants each Satrangi student to experience it.

Rohheet lives in NJ with his dogs Cherry & Chicklet who are also the school mascots.